School's out for summer!

Finally, those days for which we wishing in the middle of February have arrived. No more jackets or snow shovels. No more school busses on the roads or icey patches over which to worry. Just because there are fewer buses or hazards like ice, be sure to remain attentive while driving. Children will now be out and about, playing in streets and worrying parents. Be sure to stay alert while driving, especially in residential areas and around parks. Soccer balls and tennis balls have a notorious attraction to the street and children tend to chase after them. Again, just pay attention and don’t text and drive.            

                Along with more children around, there also tend to more drivers on the road in the summer. Whether it be teenagers driving to the beach, or families visiting relatives out of town, everyone seems to be on the road more in the summer. We just wanted to remind everyone of this fact. Pay attention and drive safer and add some extra time to your travels to account for the added traffic.

                Have fun this summer, enjoy the warmer temperatures and be safe!