“Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.” The Treasure of Sierra Madre

Frees Insurance is an Independent Agent. No, not that kind of agent. We are part of the insurance industry that works with many insurance companies. Unlike GEICO, State Farm, or Allstate, we represent many different insurance companies. That is what makes us independent.  

There are several ways that insurance companies try to sell insurance. Traditionally, you are either a captive agent, like the State Farm or Nationwide agents, or you are independent, like Frees Insurance. Captive agents sell only insurance products offered by their single carrier. This can be quite limiting. Independent agents can represent as many carriers as they choose. Having several carriers give the independent agent an array of companies to handle all of the unusual and unique exposures that exist. Independent agents are a “one stop shop” for insurance needs. 

It isn’t just about having a wide selection of companies with whom to do business though. The captive agent generally doesn’t “own” your business. It belongs to the company. In an independent insurance agency, your business is owned by the agency. This means that independent agents  have the ability and responsibility to manage your coverage with all of their carriers, guiding you on the best contact language, with a sensible deductible and a competitive premium.

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