The Holiday Season is finally over.

I think the holiday season if finally over. I am sure you are thinking “Holiday Season?” That has been over for a long time. For any guy who has ever dated, had a wife, girlfriend, or significant other, the Holidays aren’t truly over until Valentine’s Day passes.  

A scented candle or picture frame can get you through most gift giving jams at Christmas. There are always lots of other holiday distractions just in case you didn’t get it right. New Year’s Eve can be as simple as staying home with a book bottle of wine. Just a simple kiss at midnight handles this event. Groundhog Day? No present necessary, but Valentine’s Day? It’s just you and her. One on one. Mano a mano. But what about the Day of Love? 

There isn’t a beautifully decorated tree to distract her. There isn’t a ball dropping to annouce the New Year in the background. There isn’t a weird furry rodent talking to men who believe they understand groundhog.  

I like to keep it simple. I avoid cards. Just because I think it should be funny doesn’t mean it is. I avoid chocolates. It seems they clash with New Year’s resolutions. I write a simple note and present it with a kiss. I have survived 27 of these days since I got married. So next year, keep it simple. I always tell my wife that I don’t need to do anything special for Valentine’s Day. Afterall, every day with me is a day of love. 

If you did splurge this year and buy a new trinket or bauble, please be sure to let us know so we can make sure the appropriate coverage is in place for your new treasure.

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