Stay well…

AH CHOO! Cold and flu season is upon us. Last week, we gave you a few tips on how to keep you New Year’s resolutions. This week we just want to remind you about staying well. I know, I know, another blog that isn’t about insurance. We’ll be back on track in a few weeks. Here a just a few tips on how to avoid that pesky cold and flu. Wash your hands! Your mom says it, your doctor says it and now we are saying it. It’s the best defense. Wash you hands whenever you sneeze or cough or come in contact with people around you. When a bathroom isn’t nearby, hand sanitizer is a great alternative. Carry some extra tissues in your purse or briefcase. Wear a hat when you leave the house. Finally, we recommend exercising. Not only will this be one more motivator for your New Year resolution, but it can also help improve immune function and reduce the chance of illness. Stay well during these next few weeks and check back next week for our next topic! I don’t  want to ruin the surprise!

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