The Resolution

January 2nd, 2014: 6:00am: The dreaded alarm goes off. Your New Year resolution has begun. 6:45am: You make the cold trip to the gym and “work out.” 7:15am: You are 15 minutes into your treadmill walk and you come to the conclusion that you’ve made a terrible mistake again. I’ve been there plenty of times. Everyone has. This week’s post has less of a focus on insurance than our usual weekly colloquy (Yay!). We here at Frees Insurance are in no way attempting to crush your dreams and goals; we are just attempting to help reach them. Most ambitions and resolutions fail because they are too grandiose. We would like to pass along a few helpful tips in achieving your goals. First, start achieving today. Finish reading this wonderful blog and go run a mile, make a salad for lunch, or smile more, whatever it may be. Second, choose something specific and measurable. An example of this might be trying to lose a pound a week by going to the gym more and cutting out the ice cream right before bed. Finally, give yourself a deadline. Pick a date when you are going to start smoking, lose a certain number of pounds, etc. It’s going to be a tough battle. Make it a game to beat your coworkers and quit smoking, or lose those extra holiday pounds first. Have fun and Happy New Year.