“All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth….”

Thanksgiving was as late as it could possibly be. That means that the official shopping season is as short as it could be. Regardless of the length of the season, finding just the right gift for everyone on your list is always challenging. There are the old standbys, like a new tie, a sweater, or perfume. There are some other options that I have observed that I find intriguing.
Some offices band together to donate the cost of their holiday lunch to a favorite non-profit. Families do a “Secret Santa.”  Instead of everyone buying a gift for every family member, they choose names at Thanksgiving and concentrate on just their name. Others take the Secret Santa one step further and add what they call a “Kris Kringle.” In addition to their Christmas gift, the Kris Kringle surprises their recipient with a weekly surprise act of kindness. These can be as simple as a gift card for the morning coffee under the windshield wiper to making sure that the car is warmed up and the windshield is clear.
Enjoy the very best of this holiday season. It is the Season of Giving and it is always better to give than receive. Peace to all.