I’m Mr. White Christmas, I’m Mister Snow. Rankin-Bass

Last week, we discussed traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. Today we are going to deal with what you should do about winterizing your car. The impending cold weather requires that you pay extra attention to the car, and what you have in it. You need to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature sends our way. 

Take your car to your mechanic. Have them check your brakes, windshield wipers, and anti-freeze. Make sure that your windshield washing fluid is always topped off. Is your battery older? Have them check that too. Older batteries cannot hold a charge in colder weather. Dealing with a car that will not start after you have been shopping will be annoying.

Think about what you have inside your car too. Do you have a small shovel in case it snows while you are at work? Do you have a windshield scraper for the windshield and a brush to clean the snow from the hood, trunk, and roof? Snow blowing off your car can cause other drivers difficulty in seeing. Throw a small bag of kitty litter in your trunk. This helps with traction if you get stuck. 

Take a moment to review your car insurance too. Do you have coverage that will pay for a rental car if you do have an accident? Coverage is available up to $50 a day. How about towing coverage? You can now purchase coverage up to $100 per event for towing or road service.

Be safe and be prepared as you start the winter driving season