"Over the river and through the woods…" Lydia Maria Child

It is getting to be that time of the year.  It is time to start and make all sorts of holiday travel plans. Whether you are driving, flying, or using the train, we suggest that you consider a few things before you embark on your journey.                       

In all cases, Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year. This means that everyone is trying to get somewhere. Leaving plenty of time in the itinerary will make sure that you are prepared to handle any unforeseen events. I prefer to get through check-in and security with an extra 45 minutes to spare rather than rushing with the hopes of making the flight. Relaxing at the gate with a coffee and the newspaper allows me to enjoy the travel. 

Are you renting a car when you arrive? Take a moment to go back and read the blog post from July 10th on renting a car, or check out www.freesinsurance.com. While you are there, please Like us on Facebook. 

Traveling by train? Remember, there are many of the same security measures at the train station as there are at the airport. Leave early. Getting there ahead of time allows extra time due to challenges such as traffic jams, a mechanical breakdown, or flat tire. 

Driving to your destination? Try to travel at off-peak hours. It might be easier to travel on Thanksgiving Day than to try and leave right after work on Wednesday. Make sure that you are well rested because it does not matter when you drive, you will probably be faced with all sorts of congestion and distractions. 

Make the holiday travel safe and enjoy the season.