A quick departure from insurance.

Today, it is time to step out of dealing with car insurance or home insurance. Today, I thought it would be best to write about a different aspect of being prepared. Car insurance is about handling the different aspects of a car accident. Today isn’t about insurance, but it everything to do with being prepared. I have been tweeting the recommendations from Travelers on being prepared for all sorts of events and occcurrences. I want to discuss the importance of three documents.

I am not an attorney. This isn’t legal advice, but you need to be prepared with the proper legal documents to handle being incapacitated, unable to make healthcare decisions for yourself, or handling the creation of your estate. These documents include a power of attorney, advanced directive, or living will, and a will.

Just as you would take the time to rotate your tires, you should consult legal advice to create the power of attorney. This allows you to appoint someone to handle your affairs if you are unable to do so. The advanced directive, or living will, gives guidance to your family regarding any life prolonging medical treatments you want. Finally, the will allows you to control the disposition of your estate upon your death.

If you have these documents, make sure they are up to date. If you do not have these, don’t delay. Get them in place with proper legal advice. Without benefit of these important documents, you could be in a situation where you, or your family members are deprived of the ability to control or influence decisions.