It isn’t what you pay. It’s what you buy. Saving money on car insurance.

Last week’s post was painful. Flood Insurance. What a nightmare! This week, the blog gets down and dirty. A few quick tips on reviewing the cost of your car insurance. Remember, it isn’t what you pay, but what you buy.

Do you have a car that is older than 12 year with high mileage? Think about removing the collision coverage.

Do you have that extra car that you keep for when your children come home from school? Think about removing rental coverage.

Do your children go to school over 100 miles away? Let us know so we can get the “student away” discount.

Does your child have a “B” or better grade point average? Keep us posted so we can add the Good Student Discount.

Do we provide your home or renters coverage? The multi-policy discounts can be as much as combined 25% savings.

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