Dial "1-800-I'm-Injured."

We live in a very litigious society. People sue because the coffee is too hot. People sue because they can. Liability insurance, a component part of most insurance “package” policies does two very important things. The insurance clause states that the insurance company will pay for sums for which you are legally liable AND pay to defend you regardless of the grounds of the suit. It is hard to imagine doing something bad to someone else. It isn’t hard to imagine being sued.

Sending children off to school, whether it’s high school or college, brings with it some unique liability exposures. We are going to deal with the potential impact of having a party and some of the things that can go horribly wrong. The biggest potential problem? Serving liquor. As a parent, or a student, if you provide liquor, you place yourself in the potential position of being sued if someone leaves the party and gets injured. If you serve liquor to underage drinkers, not only do you face serious criminal implications, the possible injury or death of someone you served could be an emotional AND financial nightmare. Your insurance NEVER covers illegal acts.  There would be coverage EXCLUSION of liability coverage for any illegal act.

It goes without saying, but we believe it needs to be said. Do not serve any alcoholic beverages to anyone who is underage. For those serving alcohol legally, to people of a legal drinking age, pay attention to your guests. Make sure there is a designated driver, call a cab, or make arrangements to have them stay until the next morning.