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As students head off to college, they are probably excited about living on their own. For them, excitement abounds. For parents, this is just one more thing about which to worry. It is important to understand how your property and liability coverage will, or perhaps, more importantly, will NOT, extend to protect them.  Home insurance will provide coverage for the student’s belongings while the child is living in a dorm, or school sponsored housing. This means that their clothing and computers are protected in the event of fire or theft. Their coverage is subject to the same deductible you have on your home policy. Your liability coverage extends to protect them while in the dorm.

Once the student moves into non-school sponsored housing, it is imperative that you secure a renters type insurance policy. This provides the same coverage for their personal belongings like clothing and computers in the event of fire, theft, lightning damage, etc. More importantly, this policy also provides liability coverage in the event your student gets sued for property damage or injuring someone. Buying this coverage also isolates any potential claim to their coverage.

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