Did the government get over-thrown again?

Last week, I wrote about what you need to do to prep your house for going on vacation, now I am going to address the issue of Travel Insurance.  This is the coverage that can handle everything from trip cancellation reimbursement, to getting medical attention outside the coverage territory for your medical insurance, to getting your home if you are seriously injured.

There are all sorts of coverage levels and packages available. Considering the costs of travel these days, I believe it is vital to review the cost of securing coverage that will reimburse you the costs of the non-refundable parts of your trip. This can help if you get sick before a trip. A relative dies and you have to postpone your journey, or the government of the country where you are headed is over-thrown. None of these things are nice to think about, but making sure you are reimbursed is very important.

The other issue that travel insurance can address is the cost of medical care when the doctor in Bermuda doesn’t accept your US insurance card. No one likes to think about being sick on vacation, but something as simple as a spill on a rented moped, or jelly fish sting can be very expensive.

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