Want to go for a ride in my Vette?

When I was 17, the thought of being able to get a car, or even have a friend who had a car, was a dream. A car meant freedom. You can imagine my surprise to be called one Saturday morning by a friend, “Want to go for a ride in my new Vette?” My thoughts raced. My dream had come true. A friend with a car, but not just any car. A Vette!

I quickly pictured us driving to the shore with the top down. Driving through the Valley Forge Park on the way to the mall. I imagined the freedom of being picked up to go to school and arriving in, of all things, a Vette.

I stood outside waiting for the arrival. Pacing back and forth anxiously looking down the street, hoping to catch the first glimpse of the Vette. A car pulled to the curb, the window rolled down, and it was my friend. He had arrived “under my radar.” He was in a Vette, but it wasn’t a Corvette. It was a Chevette. Now for those of you old enough to remember the Chevette, you can understand my disappointment. (For anyone else, wiki it and you will be able to understand.)

Most things in life are like this and insurance is NO exception. Progressive would have you believe that an auto policy is like a box of cereal. Something that can be picked up off a shelf and their “product” works for everyone. The lizard woud have you believe that a 15% savings is worth changing carriers. Isn’t it more important to understand that insurance isn’t the premium you pay, but the coverage you buy?

When you are reviewing your coverages, be sure to ask yourself if the insurance you are buying will do what you want it to do when you need it to do it. There was nothing wrong with the Corvette, or for that matter, the Chevette, but they are two completely different cars with two completely different price tags. Don’t imagine your car insurance is the Corvette and find out you bought a Chevette.